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About Diorama Detective:

Solve four lighthearted and quirky mysteries in the immersive AR experience, Diorama Detective. Use clues to crack the case by placing objects and people in a diorama where they were when the crime took place. Uncover what really happened by utilizing AR to explore strange angles and out-of-sight areas and capture photos for evidence. Collect your photographic evidence on the board and untangle the facts to piece together the story and uncover what really happened.

Built from the ground up for AR, Diorama Detective allows for intuitive movement and exploration for all skill levels. Use the phone as the controller to move around and physically re-create the scene to reveal what’s really taking place in the Gold Beach neighborhood. What makes a kid think his dog is a werewolf, who is sabotaging the magician, and how does this all tie together?

Behind the Mystery:

Studio Cypher specializes in educational and medical games, leveraging motion tracking to add game mechanics to physical therapy and improve outcomes. With ARKit, the team was inspired to tap into their expertise and create an experience that capitalized on engagement, positivity, and movement. They focused on building an AR game with intuitive controls that was heavily immersive and appealing.

The team also wanted to push the boundaries of the status quo. Most AR games currently on the App Store take place on a flat surface, whereas Diorama Detective encourages movement and exploration. Further, most AR mystery games are heavily entrenched in violence, but Diorama Detective is quirky and family friendly, making it ideal for all ages.


  • Family friendly mystery
  • Innovative and intuitive use of AR: physically move around the diorama and photograph evidence
  • Use AR to explore the mystery from unusual angles
  • Lighthearted humor and quirky, lovable characters
  • Runs well on iPhone 6S and up



City view askew
Crime Board
Clue in the corner
Crime Board conversation
Crime Board
Placing a character
Dressing room
Floof the corgi
placing and photographing Floof the corgi
Stage select


Studio Cypher

  • Nathan Mishler

    Interpersonal Fictioneer

  • Will Emigh

    Motive Force

  • Ian Pottmeyer

    Audiomatic Enigmatist

Additional Work

  • Ryan Reske

    Prototype Designer, Trailer editor

  • Rajin Shankar

    Prototype Designer

  • Dakota Erickson

    Prototype Designer

  • Mary Kenney


  • Ian Sundstrom

    3D Artist

  • Morgan Anderson

    Character Designer, Illustrator

  • Dana Trebella

    Marketing Consultant

  • Derek Lieu

    Trailer Consultant

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